Low maintenance outdoor decks to endure the Australian conditions

Trex Engineered Decking

Patioworld are TrexPro® deck installers. Trex is an industry leading long lasting engineered timber deck.

Trex is engineered to endure decades of foul weather and foot traffic with the warranty coverage to prove it. With virtually every product covered by our 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty, you can rest assured that your backyard investment is well protected. And even better: our high-performance decking products come with an extra layer of coverage: an additional 25-Year Limited Residential Fade & Stain Warranty.

Trex is built upon green principles & values. Our decking is made of 95% recycled materials. Full scale bushfire testing on Trex decking boards was performed in accordance with AS 1530.8.1-2007

Colour Selections

Speak to our team about our extensive range of colours to find the perfect fit for your deck.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Trex® products we use at Patioworld offer superior durability and performance that you can’t get from timber.

Trex® decking resists termites, and won’t rot, warp, or splinter. The rich colour and protective finish of the boards also means they never need staining or painting.

Trex® decking is made from 95% recycled materials, including reclaimed timber and sawdust as well as recycled plastic from many common household items, such as the plastic overwrap on packaging for paper towels and toilet paper, dry cleaner bags, newspaper bags, grocery and shopping bags.

Trex® decking requires far lower maintenance than timber decking, but does require maintenance to keep it looking good throughout the years, much like washing your car.

For the high-performance decking, Trex Transcend®, you can use a simple soap and water combination to clean the boards.

Like many other outdoor surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, and timber decking, Trex® decking can get hot from sun exposure.

On these days, care needs to be taken to make sure your skin doesn’t have extended contact with the surface of the deck.

Note: The darker the colour of your boards, the hotter the deck will feel.