Opening Roofs

Providing the ultimate in climate control for your patio or leisure area

Keep out of the glare of the sun while allowing the cool, fresh air to enter

Experience the perfect combination of style, privacy, and protection from the elements with a Patioworld Opening Roof.

Adding valuable extra living space and a dramatic architectural effect, opening roofs create the ideal blend of ventilation, shade and controllable protection from the wind, rain and sun.

As the sun moves, simply adjust the louvres to maintain the shade or have it done for you automatically - our Opening Roofs are fully motorised with touch button control.

Roofing Styles

Patioworld offers two styles of roofing;

insulated roof

Keeps your outdoor entertaining area cooler in the summer months

Reduces condensation in the winter months

Ceiling like appearance with the ability to install LED downlights

Trafficable roof, for ease of cleaning and maintenance

Larger spans than traditional metal roofing

single roofing

Ease of installation due to lightweight design

Stylish flat deck appearance with V groove

Comes in a range of modern colours

Optional light panels

Colour Options

Speak to our team about our extensive range of colours to blend seamlessly with your home

Frequently Asked Questions